Airline and freight agent handling

We specialise in personnel and expertise support in airline and freight agent handling and we offer you the option of outsourcing sub-processes or your entire physical and/or documentary air cargo handling to us through comprehensive work and service contracts.

With our vetted and highly qualified specialist employees we realise and execute your orders reliably, punctually and precisely.

Our station management handles air cargo pallet loading (build-up) and unloading (break-down) professionally for you in the warehouse. Our services also include loading and unloading road vehicles, repacking, taking and extracting consignments into and out of storage, as well as the complete customs clearance formalities.

We also handle your air cargo documentation for trouble-free processing of incoming and outgoing airway bills. Here we prepare the necessary documents, take care of customs documentation and clearance via ATLAS and keep in touch with airlines, freight agents and customers. We also undertake consignment billing and complaints processing as well as the corresponding document movements.

We have our own vehicle fleet and can provide our own vehicles to you, if we enter into a long-term partnership.

By jointly defining key performance indicators, we ensure quality to the highest standards and sustainably enhanced productivity.


Air cargo handling

Air cargo screening as integrated part of air cargo handling

As security experts we can offer air cargo screening as an integrated handling component and so perform the entire handling process from a single source: from cargo reception to screening, cargo build-up through to escorting the cargo directly to the aircraft.

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