Security services

Your security and satisfaction are our top priorities. So the task we take on is to protect our partners, their facilities and goods with the highest degree of competence, dedication and sense of responsibility.

Against a background of increasing threats from terrorist attacks, the EU has decreed several ordinances and directives aimed to ensure security in aviation. The need to satisfy the high requirements of these directives and the stricter controls they imply has caused a strong rise in the demand for qualified security personnel able to reduce hazards to people and property to the absolute minimum.

For us your security comes first

We are specialised like hardly any other enterprise in matters of security and offer our customers a product portfolio of the highest quality. Without exception we deploy dedicated, expert and responsible specialised personnel to more than satisfy our customers in every respect. Our aim is to protect our customers, their facilities and goods with the highest degree of competence, commitment and reliability.

Our customers enjoy first class status around the clock

In personal discussions we develop tailored concepts which take into account statutory requirements and stipulations just as much as individual needs and wishes. Our operations management onsite ensures smooth processes and is available to you at all times to respond to any questions and problems that may crop up at short notice.

Your advantages with A.S.A.

  • Decades of experience and deeply founded sector knowledge in aviation security
  • Quality management in accordance with DIN/ISO 901/2010
  • Own vehicles on the airport apron
  • Own company radio network on the airport grounds
  • Customer care and highly qualified personnel across all locations
  • Liability insurance also covering damage due to acts of war or terrorism and damage to aircraft pursuant to BADV (German Ground Handling Ordinance)
  • Own aviation security trainings pursuant to EU 185/2010 given by own trainers accredited by the Federal Aviation Authority in accordance with the new module system
  • Own operations structure and operations management around the clock
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Own radiation safety officer and technicians
  • Top value for money through networking contracts