Welcome to A.S.A. Airlines Services Agency

With the foundation of A.S.A. Airlines Services Agency we have made it our primary goal to make a decisive contribution to more security in aviation with a high-quality product portfolio.

Our partners, airlines, airports, cargo handling firms and public authorities all benefit equally from our specialist competence across all relevant sectors and a broad spectrum of security services and components developed especially to meet these requirements.

As a security specialist, we can react flexibly to changing needs in practice and satisfy these needs precisely and reliably. From our very first beginnings, we have pioneered trends in various areas of aviation security in a continual dialogue with the other partners in our business sector.

As a competence partner for the aviation security of tomorrow, we already have the future in our program with the latest technology.

Dealing with sensitive and time-critical cargo requires special procedures and know-how. As an air cargo specialist, we provide you with skilled personnel and expert support for handling your air cargo.

The success of this concept is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers, some of whom have been loyal to A.S.A. for 30 years.

Kind regards
Volker Rodrian and Ralf Mayer


  • Volker Rodrian
    Volker Rodrian CEO

    Aviation security expert, chartered businessman and engineer
    in aviation since 1983, founder of A.S.A. in 1988.
    Former Honorary Chairman of the Association of Service Providers at German Airports (VDF)

    • Ralf Mayer
      Ralf Mayer Director Operations

      Aviation security expert, chartered businessman, specialist for working organisation
      in aviation security since 1989, main responsibilities: business organisation and finance.